My name is Sally Renee. Renee is really my middle name but since I’ve married I now have two surnames; the one on the paperwork and the one everyone knows me by. I’ve lived in Australia all my life but spend a lot of time travelling the interweb in search of adventure and wisdom. I’m terrified of flying but have been to New Zealand and plan to visit Japan and Europe during my time on this earth. I have been a hospitality worker, student, librarian, metadata specialist and most recently wife & stay-at-home mum to a beautiful baby girl.

This blog is about improving my writing skills and discussing topics that I find interesting. Right now I’m seriously addicted to minimalist and simple living blogs. In a few weeks, I might be following technology blogs or photography blogs. One never knows but right now I’m not ready to restrict my writing to a niche topic. I’d rather have the freedom to discuss what I’m passionate about in the moment and with me that tends to change on a regular basis.

Despite this, I do hope you enjoy…


2 responses to “About

  1. I like technology. I hope you enjoy bokashi as much as I do.

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