The Morning Song

Light Walk in October

Some rights reserved by h.koppdelaney

Most morning I wake up with a song running through my head. There’s no way to predict what the song will be as sometimes they’re rock classics and other times they are Top 40 hits. Chances are I’ve probably heard the song recently but that’s not always a guarentee.

Today’s morning song was Happiness by Alexis Jordon. Two lines of the chorus kept repeating in my head:  “Through strength I found love/ In time I found myself in Happiness with you”

But the thing was, instead of hearing “Through strength I found love” I heard, “Through strength I found God.” 

I don’t believe in God but I think this is a powerful message. It takes a great deal of strength to believe in something that we cannot yet scientifically prove exists (or does not exist for that matter). It takes strength to believe that you are never alone and that someone is always watching over you. Most of all, it takes strength to believe that someone loves unconditionally even if you cannot love yourself.


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