After helping with the flood clean-up efforts the boy says to me “I’m going to become a minimalist!”

This is after months of disinterest while I have been steadily purging my possessions and trying to focus on those things that are most important to me. He said to me only a few weeks ago, “don’t you think you are going too far with this minimalist thing?”

But the floods have changed things. So many people have lost their homes and had to flee with what possessions they had time to grab and space to carry. What was left has been covered in floodwaters and toxic mud. It’s gross, it stinks and it’s full of bacteria and contaminants. The boy came home from the clean-up exhausted, nostrils filled with the stench of decay, his clothes caked in toxic mud.

He has seen firsthand the destructive force of nature and how easily our possessions can be destroyed. He doesn’t want to have to go through that same experience with our stuff.

Perhaps now we’ll be able to embrace minimalism together.


One response to “Breakthrough

  1. Whoa! That’s awesome. =) Hopefully you guys have a marvelous time with this.

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