What would you take in a flood?

Yesterday I watched in horror as flooding inundated south-east Queensland. 10 people have been confirmed dead and 90 people are missing. Homes and cars are being picked up by the flood waters and smashed against anything in their path. Boats, pontoons and debris float down the river preempting the wall of water on its way. All day yesterday residents and businesses in low-lying areas were busy moving their possessions to higher ground. And thousands of people have been misplaced to emergency shelters while their homes are flooded.

We have stocked up on supplies and are waiting for the power to be cut sometime later today. Our suburb is an island surrounded by floodwaters and all we can do is sit and wait for the worst is yet to come.

We are safe where we are.

In light of this situation it’s got me thinking about the 100 things challenge. If I really only owned 100 things it would be very easy to pickup and move to safer ground. As it is we have a 2 bedroom apartment full of stuff.

So if we had to flee what would we take?

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Medications
  4. First aid kit
  5. Torch
  6. Spare batteries
  7. Matches
  8. Toilet paper
  9. Battery powered radio
  10. Clothing
  11. Closed in shoes
  12. Hat
  13. Pocket knife
  14. Personal documents
  15. Tent
  16. Sleeping bag
  17. Swag
  18. Blankets
  19. Esky & ice
  20. Gas cooker
  21. Sunscreen
  22. Insect repellent
  23. Toiletries
  24. Jewellery
  25. Mementoes
  26. Mobile phone
  27. Plates
  28. Cups
  29. Bowels
  30. Tin opener
  31. Cutlery
  32. Cooking utensils
  33. Cooking pot
  34. Cash
  35. Deck of cards
  36. Book currently reading
  37. Notebook
  38. Pen
  39. Camera
  40. Laptop

When the power goes out and homes are being evacuated the 100 things challenge takes on a completely different tone. Items become more essential as they are designed for survival rather than frivolity.



2 responses to “What would you take in a flood?

  1. There’s a post about this on RowdyKittens – have you seen it? It struck me as a great idea the first time I read it, but somehow I didn’t get around to making one. Now that I’ve read your post, I think maybe I should! http://rowdykittens.com/2010/06/can-you-fit-your-life-into-a-backpack/

    • Hi, thanks for the link I hadn’t read that article before. Not sure if I could manage to fit my life in a backpack but after the events of this week I can certainly see the relevance of having an emergency kit packed and ready. There were many families who had to flee their homes with only minutes or hours to save what possessions they could. Others had no warning and could only scramble to safety onto rooftops as the floodwaters engulfed their homes. I am simply grateful our friends and family are safe and that our home was unaffected. What would you pack in your backpack?

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