Green Power


Some rights reserved by Flabber DeGasky

After calculating my carbon footprint the other day I was reminded of green energy. The energy company that we use have green power options so that you can choose to have 25, 50 or 100% of your power derived from renewable energies like solar and wind. There is an added cost for the options but it is rather small considering the feel good element involved and the implications for the planet.

Given 12 months energy usage at 4830.1 kWh (our current usage based on the last four bills) this is the added cost per year for each of the options:

  • 25% – $52
  • 50% – $132.82
  • 100% – 265.66

I’ve managed to convince my husband to convert to the 25% option, small steps remember, and hopefully will be able to increase this in the future. When we rang we also got a 5% discount on our bills for the next year as some promotion so hubby is happy because the discount will cover the added cost of the green power. Win-win!


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