Environmental Footprint

I’m reading David Suzuki’s The Legacy after seeing him speak on the ABCs Big Ideas. Suzuki’s discussion revolves around economic disregard for the environment and the excessive population figures we can now attest to. There are now an estimated 6.8 billion people living on this planet and that number is growing by the second. It is really alarming to think about the damage that human beings are doing to the planet.

While I do a number of small things to conserve energy and water, after reading this book I do not feel like I do enough. We are still a two car family and live in suburbia, granted we live in a two bedroom apartment although that restricts us (but does not necessarily exclude us) from installing water tanks, solar panels and solar hot water, composting green waste, and growing our own produce. These are steps I would love to implement. I suppose I am waiting until we own a house with a backyard. As well as owning two cars and living in an apartment we own a massive LCD television and three computers.

So this year I am going to try and reduce our environmental footprint. One step at a time.


3 responses to “Environmental Footprint

  1. I was you about a year ago. I felt like I should do more but did not know where to start or even what to do. I did not know how I could make a difference anyway. Then I read a book (similar to you) , and was inspired to act, somehow, someway, and to “be the change you want to see in the world”. The hope is that others will also take notice and change their habits and the ripple will continue. So now I am finding all sorts of interesting things to do, that I had not even thought of before and am really excited about it. Good luck with it!

    • Hi Sherry, thanks for your comment. What book was it that inspired you? Also, did you have family you needed convince? How did you get them excited about green living?

  2. The book I read was “Now or Never” by Tim Flannery. It was an easy read, and I finished it in one night. By the end I was in tears, everything really hit home like a freight train. I vowed to change and add my voice. I had no idea how at first, but eventually decided to start a blog and join the conversation. My family is slowly seeing new ways of doing things, but everyone goes at their own pace. I try to just casually talk about things, so they don’t think I am a nut. Some friends and family are actually making changes that I have talked about on my blog, and that is really super exciting and motivating to do more!

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