The Path to Minimalism

One major component of minimalist living is living with less in the home. Less clothes, less toys, less kitchen gadgets, less stuff, less clutter. For the past two years there has been a steady stream of stuff leaving our front door and storage unit ever since my husband and I moved in together. The first room that really felt the pinch of decluttering was the kitchen. We gave several boxes of kitchen supplies to charity. Then all the old computer parts and CRT monitors went to a computer recycler. We’ve had success using ebay and, more recently, freecycle to get rid of various bits and pieces. I’ve gifted costume jewellery, shoes and clothes to teenage cousins who always appreciate the new accessories. The filing box has experienced a major cull and I was able to reduce our filing boxes from 6 to 3.

In July this year we cancelled the lease on our storage unit. That was a major relief as the cost had been steadily rising, we paid $195 in the final month for the luxury of storing our junk out of sight and out of mind. We wouldn’t have even recouped a quarter of what we spent on storage when we sold the items on ebay. My big lesson in this was to get rid of things earlier and not pay for storage in the future.

While our house is still not clutter free it has certainly improved. We consider it a work in progress and congratulate each other with every clean up effort and with every effort I feel more at home and relaxed. What was once his bachelor pad has become our family home.

Other people who have made this journey:


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