Forget about multitasking; it doesn’t increase productivity. On the contrary, having too many distractions can actually decrease productivity. Think about it, every time you switch between activities you need to remember where you were up to last time, what you need to do next and you need to stop thinking about what you were last doing. If you’re doing this a couple of times an hour it can be really hard to get things done. Imagine if you were to work on the one thing for the entire day. Lock the door, take the phone off the hook, close down the internet browser and really concentrate on the task at hand. To begin with you may find this incredibly boring. Changing tasks is stimulating but it doesn’t get things done. It may take days or even weeks to get used to this new way of working but once you do you’ll find that tasks get done quickly, you can move onto new tasks without worrying about the dozen half-finished projects you still haven’t done, and you’ll feel a greater sense of achievement as you actually finish tasks.


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