So the other day I joined National Blog Posting Month. It’s a little late in the month to be aiming for the leadership board but I thought that it’s better to begin a new habit today rather than waiting for the start of next month to begin. This is because I have been taught that hesitation should be avoided and to act on my instincts. When I was learning to drive, my father gave me a pearler of good advice: ‘if you hesitate, then it’s too late.’ I think that applies as much to life in general as it does to learning to drive. In those few nanoseconds an opportunity that was possible becomes dangerous, risky and down-right idiotic to continue. The same held true for me during my studies when answering exam questions the first answer I believed to be correct generally was, if I began to second-guess what I knew I became confused and lost confidence in my abilities. It was often much more constructive to trust in my first decision and move onto the next question. Even if I didn’t get every question correct it still meant that I answered many more questions that if I had gotten stuck on the first question and not answered the rest. So why wait? Start something new today. A new habit… a new hobby… a new adventure…


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