Changes to my blog

Today my blog writing only took a short while. I have several half-finished blog posts in draft form and was able to take one of those, finish it and publish it in record time. This left me a little time to make a few changes to the site.

First of all I’ve migrated some old blog postings from another blog I started over to here – they’re the ones from July/August this year. I’ve adjusted the dates so that their publication date is identical to what it was on the other blog and made no corrections. They were simply cut and pasted over. I thought that doing this might help me in search of my common theme and also help me to feel that this blog is progressing; that an archive is developing of my writing in one place and is continual rather than stop-start in nature.

Secondly I’ve updated the theme. While the Journalist theme is sleek, plain and extremely minimalist it simply doesn’t reflect my personality. I love colour and movement and things that make you smile. My new theme is a much better reflection of this.

Lastly I’ve reworded the tagline. Previously it read: A life embracing minimalism, simple living, frugal living, mindfulness and life with a collector. It’s now: Writing in search of a common theme. While I am very much in minimalist and frugal living mode at the moment, these things change. This month I’m reading all about simple living, next month I’ll probably be re-reading Harry Potter or not reading at all because life gets in the way of reading. My focus changes regularly and the new tagline accommodates this more readily.


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