How much is enough?

I’ve been reading “How much is enough?” by Arun Abey & Andrew Ford. The concept for the book stems from the overwhelming culture of consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses that we are so focused on in modern day society. The book steps back and examines this phenomenon and asks the reader to question their current values. Of course, if you have picked up this book in a bookstore or library chances are you are already disillusioned with living the consumerist dream and are looking for some substance in your life.

And so the question is, how much is enough? How much money do you really need to pay your bills and still have enough to do those things that really matter to you? What are the things that really matter in life?

The book doesn’t exactly draw you in from the first instance, I’ve put in down and picked it up a few times now, but it is improving with every chapter. Above all, it is making me think about what I really want from life and working 9 to 5 certainly isn’t it.



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