Money Making Seminars

I attended my first money making/motivational seminar yesterday. I was overly skeptical about it but after having read through the website, watching the complementary videos and doing some online research into the speakers I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose but a day of my time.

The day turned out to be an interesting and informative one. Really the concepts were very similar to the usual business strategy advice but there were some very good practical tips thrown in. Of course, during the day the presenters ran through the products and services they have on offer along with the ‘once only’ special attendance deal on the package suite but I do feel like I gained some practical knowledge and a bit of enthusiasm for my time. A breakdown of what the steps to having a successful business were:

  • Brainstorm ideas for products
  • Do some market research (or outsource) to find out what else is out there on your idea and identify market gaps so that you can create a unique selling angle
  • Create your sales and marketing material (or outsource)
  • Build your product (or outsource)
  • And advertise, advertise, advertise

Like, I said, nothing new to the process when you strip away all the marketing guff.



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