The Power of Positive Thinking

Is it just a coincidence that when you are happy good things tend to happen? Personally I tend to gravitate towards positive people and find that when I am in a positive frame of mind I am more open to the world around me. When I was working in customer service I found that if I was having a bad day the customers I served seemed to be difficult and demanding. If I walked into work in a good mood and with a smile on my face generally customers were easier to deal with and more receptive to the service I was providing. The hardest part about positive thinking is that you can’t fake it. There are however, many easy things you can do to improve your mood.

The easiest thing you can do is smile. Over the past few decades scientists have performed experiments which suggest that smiling can actually change the way you perceive events by making them more enjoyable <1>. Next do some exercise, take a short walk around the block or do some yoga poses in your living room. Usually the last thing I feel like when I am unhappy is moving around, I’d prefer to sit on the couch and sulk, but exercising releases hormones in your body that make you feel better and more energetic <2>.

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