Taking Action

There are 24 hours in the day, no more, no less. Everyone has the same amount of time and yet why do some people seem to get so much more done in that time than others?

In a job interview I was once asked whether I was a head, heart or hands person. Head people are the thinkers – the researchers. These are the people who spend their time seeking out answers and exploring all the alternatives before reaching a decision. A head person takes a long time to get things done because they spend so much time working out the best way to do things before they get started. Heart people are those that act on emotion, their lives revolve around their relationships and their feelings. They act on intuition and concern themselves with the effects their actions have on those around them. Finally,hands people act and learn by their own actions. They get things done, not always perfectly, but in getting things done they are able to learn from their own mistakes rather than from others. They are not paralysed by fear of getting something wrong or by what others might say.

Are you a head, heart or hands person?



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