Think Feel Do

A few years ago I was asked the following question in a job interview: ‘Do you consider yourself to be a head, heart or hands person?’ To which I replied, ‘Heart, most definitely heart’. While my opinion has since changed I am still fascinated that we are so quick to label people and expect them to wear that label in every circumstance. It is like putting someone in a birdcage and telling them that from now on their only role is to sing. Human personalities are far more complex than this. Each person has many roles to play and may act differently in given situations. Others can be relied upon to act relatively the same whether they are at work, with family and friends or with strangers. Each person is unique in the degree that they self-monitor and the stability of their personality across different situations. Me, I like to dabble, to seek out new topics and places and people. To try on other people’s ideologies and see if they fit. To have an open and questioning mind. Even though I fail at this on a regular basis, I do try.


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